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Czar International Corporation specializes in custom hardwood products and materials. We offer five divisions of products, which encompass all your carpentry needs. Distinctive Door Systems deals with exterior and interior door slabs as well as complete door systems. Our Timeless Flooring division offers a wide variety of hardwood flooring and decking options. Custom Cabinetry Design gives you the genuine quality of hardwood cabinetry. Our Authentic Interiors division allows our customers to be creative in what they want out of their living or work areas. And Hardwood Lumber Sales services the needs of clients looking for exotic lumber.

Our woods are processed from their extraction and dried at a high precision level allowing for optimum quality and longevity Production is supervised by experienced professionals who are prepared and trained with the purpose of manufacturing a product that will satisfy the exclusive needs of our customers. The principles at Czar have over ten years experience in the building industry, encompassing commercial as well as residential projects. And, are well versed in all areas of building and construction.

Czar prides itself on its genuine concern for prompt and efficient service. We believe the close ties we hold with our manufacturers enable us to be more efficient in production, delivery time and after sales service; issues which are so important in the building industry today. Our main goal is to work together with our clients and their businesses. In doing this, we can meet the needs of each individual client and offer a greater number of options as well as solutions, specifically for each client. In turn helping the business grow and develop. We are interested in forming a genuine relationship with our clients, to create a sense of trust and reliability that truly is... Czar International Corporation.

We look forward to passing on to you the exceptional quality and classic sophistication of genuine tropical hardwoods. We think you will find as we do, that wood is simply a better building material, that can create unsurpassed versatility for you.

Angela Fasula-Czarecki


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